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It's not looking like it's going to be a great day for Spider the Fox. It all started when the tree on her parents' flying island dropped a seed ... and now she has to run, jump, climb, and grow her way through a colorful, fantastical world chock-full of quirky characters and scenic vistas.

The goal? It's time to grow her own flying island.

But, in order to do that, what does she need first?

Seeds. Magical seeds, which seem to be in just about everything in this world. Why does she need all these seeds?

Well, she's got ...

[wait for it]

... some growing up to do.

Did I mention the puns? I'm pretty sure I mentioned the puns.


Downloadable for Windows, Mac, and Linux. XBOX 360 controls recommended, but the keyboard works, too. There's an in-game tutorial and controls reference, but for full coverage:

  • Left Stick/WASD/Arrow keys - Move Spider/Navigate Menus
  • A Button/Space Bar - Jump/Disembark Boat
  • X Button/E key - Interact/Hop Boat
  • Y Button/Left CTRL key - Plant Seed
  • B Button/Q key - Cancel Seed Placement
  • Left Should Button/Number 1 key - Zoom In
  • Right Shoulder Button/Number 2 key - Zoom Out
  • Back Button/Tab key - Inventory
  • Start Button/Esc key - Pause

Hit me up on Twitter and let me know what you think!

Install instructions

Find your platform, download, unzip, and find the executable!

Note that parts of this game are graphically intensive, so you may want to play around with the graphics quality settings before you settle in. I've also been informed that it works best at higher resolutions, as the text can get cut off otherwise. I'll fix that in a later version!

If you're looking for the competition version, it's right here! Look for a file labeled (v1_0_1)!


Spider the Fox (v2.0.10 Windows) 139 MB
Spider the Fox (Windows v1_2) 170 MB
Spider the Fox (Mac v1_2) 170 MB
Spider the Fox (Linux v1_2) 171 MB