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Hey Guys,

I get an error when downloading saying "No compatibale downloads are available". Do you have plans to make it available to play as it does look uber cool?



I love the art style of this game, finding that last one got me but definitely a fun experience! Keep it up!


Hi! This game is a really cool game! I like the concept of the game and would be awesome if more features are added and I made a video on youtube in INDONESIAN! Check it out! TERIMA KASIH!

Love the art style here! A neat little game with  a wonderful aesthetic. Had fun playing it. One thing I noticed in case it's a bug, though, is that it controls fine with the arrow keys, but if you use WASD, up and down are inverted. Just thought I'd mention it in case there isn't supposed to be a difference. Good luck with future games!

That was an interesting game, makes a nice change to the horrors I have been playing and challenging to find all the resources I need. 5/5.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

Very nice and cute game man! Fun gameplay, cool art style, lots o' cats, environmental destruction, what else does a game need? :D

I made a video about your game:

if you want to check, I'll be lookin' forward more content from you, congrats for this game, cheers!

I can't download this game. Have you uploaded the game yet?

Yes, I have uploaded it! How strange.

Do you see the pink "download now" button under the Download header? For me, it's right above the comments section. When you click it, it'll ask if you want to pay anything for it, but you can click "no thanks, just take me to the downloads," and then you can choose which operating system you want to download it for. I tried it in an incognito window and it worked for me okay. Where are you getting stuck?


I see what the problem is: I tried to launch the game from the app, which doesn't show this button because it has to know which file(s) belong to which operating system. Have you set the operating system for the file? Like this?


Whoops! Yep, that's what I was missing. I've set that up now. Seems to be working in the app now! Thanks for the screenshot - it was very helpful.

You're welcome :).

I just played the game, really liked the graphics, also very simple and fun concept. However, finding the last few cats took me a tad too long. Maybe you could add some kind of cat-transport mechanic to speed up the cats that have to walk from the other side of the map?