The cats that live in your cat shelter have run away, and you'll need to meet their ridiculous demands before they'll follow you home again.

Also, you are a ghost.

Playtime: 45 minutes. For Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Controls (Xbox, PS3, Keyboard/Mouse)
Jump/Fly: A, Cross, Left Click
Fade: Y, Triangle, Q Interact: X, Triangle, Right Click
Move: Left Stick, Left Stick, WASD/arrow keys
Move Camera: Right Stick, Right Stick, Mouse Wheel/1/2
Pause: Start, Start, Escape


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i made my cats: curd, crunch, pork, worms, cramp, crust, sticks, mollusk, lard, strings, squint and grillz (with a z), but the interact button isn't working for me. (instead its thrusting me into the air ((which makes it look like i'm purposely stomping upon the cats instead of interacting with them))). because of this minorly large inconvenience, i can only do the following things: zoom around, collect the KiWi bIRdS???, fishes & bugs. or, if i would rather, i can wiggle my little sheet ghost bod up into the stratosphere. 

overall rating: 3/10

+2 points for being able to name the cats

+1 point because the ghost has nice vibes

I named my cats Marsh, Mallow, Blob, Chonk, Nyan, Blep, Mlem, Floof, Cthulu, Scorpio, Misty, and The Boi.

Please don't ask me why, I just like silly names :3

I can't move. I can move on the menus, but I can't move the character. All I can do is move the camera. I'm using an Xbox one controller on a windows pc.

I got stuck outside the map because I jumped too much and now I cannot progress. Help?


i can't find the last bird, there were no more blue dots on the map 

cute indicator shows 100%

I love this game it's just so calming and cute!!!!!!

this game was so cute i actually started crying on a call with my friend and went to hug my cat

nice game

beautiful game


i named some of the cats after cats of mine that have gone over the rainbow bridge. when i completed the game and they were laying in the sunshine purring i started crying while seeing their names on the bowls and felt like i had a little moment with my dearest friends again.

my sincerest thank you to the developer for giving me that sweet moment.

Very adorable, found the art style so charming and fitting. Also love that you can name all of them, that was cute :)

cute game! reminds me of my cats, they always beg for food even right they get fed. theyre so silly.


this took 30 minutes to load

Great game but
I got

Softlocked into the fence somehow

why the game is tagged as android?

Oops, good catch, I had one of the builds tagged as android instead of Linux. Fixed :D

Deleted post

Haha, adorable. Glad you had fun! :)

I jumped near the fence near the cliffs & ended up on the other side. There's an invisible wall that keeps me from jumping back over the fence, so I will probably have to restart.

Oof, sorry about that. It's a known issue, but I haven't been able to fix it yet. There's no way to recover that I know of.

Took a While


What's with android??? :/

Fixed, thanks!


I cried :') so cuteeeeeeee


Fixed, thanks!

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This is a really good game, played it 3 times, 1 on Chrome, 2 on Windows. But I've looked everywhere and I can't find the extras, I even extracted the EXE file and I only found the icon. But still a great game!The


45 mins? 10...


its called speedrunning


blind speedrunning


This game was exactly what i was looking for, and needed. Its so fun and relaxing. The kitties are just so cute, I wanna pet them so bad :(  The controls were really smooth and halfway through the game I realized I could basically fly so after that realization I was enjoying my time jumping and gliding through the air. 

Thanks a lot for this game!! idk how I managed to find this gem of a game.
Much love <3 <3 <3

great game


oh my goodness there is nothing i wouldnt do for these kitties..... <3 very lovely game! love the graphics and cute music. btw! the links to the extras doesn't work :o


Great game found a way to get out of the boundaries but then I got stuck please help I like this game

Uhh i think i got softlocked


unless there is a way to wake up the sleeping cats i cannot complete the game

Don't you have to get what the cats want to make them follow you?

haha so cute

Very fun and casual game, very fun. 


i get TONS of lag when 10 cats follow me. Can you fix that?

Hey Guys,

I get an error when downloading saying "No compatibale downloads are available". Do you have plans to make it available to play as it does look uber cool?



I love the art style of this game, finding that last one got me but definitely a fun experience! Keep it up!

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