A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Zinnia is out sledding with some of her friends. Slide around a fabulous snow-globe world, and complete the missions for an added challenge.

This is a demo. It has currently only been tested on PC, but feel free to give the Mac and Linux builds a try. 

Controls supported: Xbox, PS3, Keyboard/Mouse

There is an in-game controls tutorial, but for your reference:

(action: keyboard+mouse/xbox/ps3)
Move: WASD/Left stick/Left stick
Jump: Space/A/Cross
Sled: Left click/X/Square
Brake: Shift/Y/Triangle
Bail: Right click/B/Circle
Camera: Mouse wheel/Right stick/Right stick


Sled World (demo, v2_0_1 WIN).zip 44 MB
Sled World (demo, v2_0_1 MAC).zip 46 MB
Sled World (demo, v2_0_1 LINUX).zip 50 MB

Install instructions

Unzip the file, double-click the executable. You can adjust the graphics quality in-game.


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A neat little indie game where you running around and hop on a sled. There are a few goals in the game with trying to complete a few varied courses.